Dr. Gary Schwartz, Professor of Psychology and Neurology, author of "The Sacred Promise"

The Greater Reality Project

The Foundation for Radiance is the supporter of Dr. Gary Schwartz's groundbreaking research on detecting subtle energy frequencies within our world by providing seed money for his research. In a series of studies, Dr. Schwartz (www.drgaryschwartz.com) has explored the use of highly sensitive photon detection systems for the potential detection of the presence of "spirit". In this context, the word "spirit" refers to hypothesized energy and information associated with a person's mind (including consciousness, cognition, emotion, intention, and memory.)

The mission of his laboratory work is to document the premise that traditional science and traditional divinity, when merged together, will be the greatest transformational force for healing our world in the 21st century. In collaborating with the University of Arizona, the scientific community and Dr. Schwartz, the Foundation expects to provide substantial evidence that spiritual forces are in fact real and that they are here to heal, uplift and bring goodness into the life of all of those in need. This project reflects the Foundation's mission to use science as a medium to ease the suffering and pain of humanity.